We help you make sense of IT


New showroom and offices at 1894 LaSalle (Lansing intersection)

Our Passion

We understand business. We understand that technology can either help or hinder you reaching your corporate goals. We've been helping your peers grow and prosper with smart solutions since 2004, so when you're ready to move ahead, we're ready to work to make IT happen right - affordably and efficiently. Call us anytime at (705) 525-0558 for a free & friendly on site consultation.


Our Process

We believe that quotes come after questions - not before. That's why we begin with an obligation and cost-free consultation to uncover the challenges your business faces. Once we truly understand your unique challenges, we'll design the IT action plan that fits your business and your budget. Our plans always include clear and easily understood costs and benefits.


Our People

Your EncompassIT team is led by experienced and skilled professionals in every IT discipline you'll ever need. Our veteran team has been together for more than a decade and is focused on executing to the highest standards on each project we undertake. We actively foster a pleasant but efficient, caffeine-fueled workplace. We're light hearted but serious minded - and that attitude and ethic is reflected in our staff's commitment to you.