Rexon / RECAP Support

EncompassIT continues to provide networking and software support for legacy Alpha Micro / Rexon / Recap back end systems. We specialize in helping firms move from older platforms onto newer Windows-based networks while fully preserving existing Rexon data and functionality. We can provide impeccable references for the quality of these conversions and look forward to working with you to bring your company's vital data into a modern and sustainable setting.

Our services are available globally - we currently work with long term clients in the EU, the continental USA, Canada and the South Pacific. We'd be pleased to help you too.

While we specialize in Rexon / Recap particularly, we can also help you convert and support any of the following legacy platforms:

  • MicroShare BASIC
  • BBx
  • ProvideX
  • Thoroughbred BASIC
  • Rexon / RECAP
  • AlphaBasic
  • Visual PRO/5

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EncompassIT has successfully converted scores of old and unsupportable Rexon systems to a new supported platform that connects to modern hardware, the internet, Microsoft Office and provides a host of other benefits. You can keep your legacy data, keep the investment you have in trained staff and keep the incredible reliability of your custom software - but enjoy a huge leap in performance along with all the new benefits of a modern infrastructure including the following:


​Benefit # 1 – Complex Screens with Graphics

Your old Rexon/RECAP system was only able to print basic characters on screen which limited how complex information could be presented. In a converted version of your software, graphics can now be incorporated. The cosmetic appeal of a graphical interface is immediately preferable to the older character-based screen. The addition of mouse-support completes the transition of your older environment to a modern Windows-style interface.

Your entire system can be converted to a graphic system or you may simply choose to enable graphics for selected commonly-used or complex screens. Graphics are more appealing, faster to use and much faster to learn.


Benefit # 2 – Improved On-Screen Controls

For those screens where full graphic conversion isn’t desirable or needed, it is possible to insert new windowing controls that your former Rexon/RECAP system could not support. Pop-up menus are rapidly implemented and make your applications friendlier to use by allowing full mouse support and multiple pop-ups where needed or desired.


Benefit # 3 – New Software and Hardware Entry Options

Increasing the speed and accuracy with which data can be entered is always a good idea. Your old Rexon/RECAP system had limited options for data entry and was not always clear in its use of formatting rules. Your conversion will allow the inclusion of easy-to-use onscreen controls that were not formerly possible. In addition to using onscreen controls such as calendar windows, we also support the use of common modern devices including:

  • Barcode readers
  • Touchscreens             
  • Scanners
  • RFID tags

 If your company is currently entering large amounts of data manually and you are concerned about accuracy and efficiency, EncompassIT can give you increased accuracy and efficiency.


Benefit # 4 – Custom Form Generation

Your old Rexon/RECAP system was limited to characters not only on your system’s screen but also on the printers used to create cheques, invoices, and other common business forms. With your new system in place, your software can generate complex print jobs in full colour; this means an end to expensive pre-printed multi-part forms. We allow the use of blank paper and low-cost laser printers to produce visually-appealing printouts of every kind.

Additionally, we produce output in the commonly used “pdf” digital format – invoices or packing slips that can be emailed easily and securely to your clients and suppliers.

Implementing our converted software will ensure that changes to details that occur suddenly – a new phone number, an updated address etcetera – can be replicated on your forms quickly. There is no more requirement to wait for a shipment of forms or to discard boxes and boxes of forms that are now printed incorrectly – a quick and easy change in you forms software and your output is all up to date.


Benefit # 5 – Interoperating with Microsoft Office

Your old Rexon/RECAP system was essentially a closed system – extracting your data for analysis or reporting in other software packages was either difficult or impossible due to incompatible data formats. We provide you with an open software system that was intended to exchange data with other applications including things like spreadsheets, word processor documents (form letters etcetera), web pages and other software packages.

The exchange of Visual PRO/5 data with MS Office and production systems, clients, suppliers, and other tools is a major benefit that can eliminate double-entries and manual processes, and can greatly speed reporting.


Benefit # 6 – Running Your System Remotely

Your former Rexon/RECAP system was a wonderfully stable and robust system in its day – but the modern era of much higher speed Internet communication has meant that users of more modern applications enjoyed access from remote offices, homes or client sites easily; something Rexon/RECAP could not support. Your converted software will allow remote connection through standard Windows protocols and can enable your staff to work from home or enable you to manage your business effectively and securely - even when you’re traveling out of town or out of country.

Along with your software conversion, we provide  experienced hardware and communication technicians who will configure remote access for you and your staff securely and simply.

Having a remote connection can be a compelling business advantage for your staff, your clients, and your suppliers.